Preconstruction to Punchlist

Golden Glow Enterprises, Inc. (“GGE”) is a full-service general conditions labor service, bringing the manpower & expertise needed to handle the toughest projects. Providing laborers, carpenters, hoist and elevator operators for all general conditions work.

GGE specializes in site logistics. Beginning with preconstruction, we work with our clients to efficiently get jobs off the ground; from fence and barricade installation to punch list work to general conditions labor and cleaning, we provide services and qualified staff to meet all your job site needs.

Ensuring Peace of Mind: Safety and Protection

GGE presents a ‘holistic’ approach to safety for clients, offering a complete integrated package to meet regulatory requirements or insurance program (OCIP, CCIP) needs or specification requirements. GGE’s team are experts in safety plan and program development, safety inspections and management, physical protections and training.

Supported by this knowledge, GGE’s labor professionals are experts in the installation and maintenance of various types of safety protection. We can provide, install, and maintain the required protection to keep your job site and personnel working safely and efficiently through all phases of construction.

GGE is also highly experienced in protecting the public and adjacent properties. We have the knowledge to guide you in assuring the safety and protection of adjacent properties during construction, as well as the protection of the general public.
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